Seven Ways to Attract More Money

I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction for more than three decades. I’ve written several books about it, including The Attractor Factor and The ماكينة عد الفلوس. That’s why I ended up in the movie The Secret, and then on Larry King and Donny Deutsch’s televison shows, among others. I know how the Law of Attraction works, and I know why so many people don’t clearly understand it.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, most people want to learn how to use it to attract more money first. After that, they’ll wonder how to attract romance, cars, homes, happiness, and everything else. But money is the starting place for most people.

It sounds counter-intuitive but the more you give, the more you will receive (unless you block the receiving, which ties into the next step). Give openly and freely to wherever you received spiritual nourishment. Give on a regular basis, too. The rule of thumb is to give 10% of whatever you receive, but it’s also smart to give more when you feel inspired to do so.

Remember, give to the person, place, or group that has kept your spirit alive. Just ask “Where was I most inspired this past week?” and give to that source. And ask the question daily or weekly as the source will often change.

Here’s an inside tip: When most people give money, they do it with a tight fist. They don’t give much. Why not? Because they’re afraid. They’re holding on. Well, the energy of fear will attract more things to fear. Instead, give money with an open heart and an expectation of return. Give in love.

Most people push money away with their hidden limiting beliefs, such as “money is bad” or “rich people are evil.” Those are beliefs, not facts. Get clear of them and money will come to you (as long as you also do the next step).

Getting clear is truly “The Missing Secret” to making the Law of Attraction work for you all the time. After all, it isn’t your conscious intentions that are being manifested in your life, it is your un-conscious counter-intentions.

For example, when you set a goal on New Year’s day to stop smoking or date more, what happened the next week? You gave up your conscious goal for your un-conscious belief that you couldn’t do it. You weren’t in alignment with your intention. You werent’ “clear.”

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