Lead Assignment and Distribution to Effectively Convert Leads

Lead assignment is the process of assigning sales leads from multiple sources to the sales person who best matches the lead. Lead assignment helper are distributed based on the ranking of a lead evaluation, the product type for the lead, and the lead’s geographical location, among others. Leads can also be assigned using a round-robin process. Manual lead distribution and assignment can be very time consuming, especially as you generate more leads that need to be followed up with.

Automated lead assignment can make a huge impact on the process of your lead distribution methods. With automated lead assignment and distribution, you can automatically input leads and their descriptive information, and the automated lead management software will match the best sales person to each lead. The lead is then dispersed to that sales person, leaving you completely out of the process.

Lead assignment software is incredibly powerful. By simply imputing the leads that you have available, along with their profile / characteristics, and automated lead assignment setup will match the best sales person available to handle the lead based on the rules defined in the routing engine. Your sales people / channel can then accept or reject the leads assigned to them, depending on the amount of work they have at the time. If the lead is rejected, it will be re-distributed to the next best match.

Lead distribution software is not only time saving, but it can effectively make the best matches between leads and sales people. Unlike leads distributed by a person, lead assignment software does not make a mistake when matching leads to the appropriate sales person. And, when someone rejects a lead, automated lead assignment setups can automatically assign the lead to another sales person, whether you’re available to do it or not. This gets more leads handled at a faster pace, allowing your sales team to take on more leads than ever before.

When converting your process of assigning leads to an automated system, you may initially have to spend a great amount of time inputting information for each sales person. Take care in entering this information correctly so that the best available sales person is matched to their leads. Or, for better results, you can have each member of your sales team input their own personal information, which will result in them being matched with the leads they feel they can handle best. Allowing your sales team to have the opportunity to match themselves to their favored leads will keep your sales people happy, and produce more sales from your leads at the same time.

Automated lead assignment, distribution and management software is the best investment any business can make. It will increase your productivity, make better matches between leads and your sales team, and drastically improve efficiency for everyone in the company. Leads will be matched with the correct sales person for them, keeping consumers happy as well. With the time you’ll save from an automated lead assignment and distribution process, you’ll be able to focus on capturing more leads, hiring more sales people, or even just relax while your company does the hard work for you. What have you got to lose?

Please note that the lead distribution or lead assignment methods might vary depending upon the nature of business, sales channels involved, lead sources and sales organization structure. Instead of pushing the leads, modern lead management systems allow the sales agents to PULL a lead from the general queue when they are ready to process the next lead. This helps avoid the delay in contacting the leads and hence increase the lead conversion rates significantly. Pull method will be very beneficial when the leads are generated through the internet or bought from third parties. In such cases, the time between obtaining the lead and contacting the prospect is very critical; any delay should be avoided at all costs.

Subscription based lead management systems such as LeadPro supports all forms lead distribution strategies and incorporate a powerful lead routing engine. This could be even used by franchise organizations to route leads to their franchisees and their field sales agents.

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