Covering CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Syllabus With Learnflix

Covering all the key points, as well as the context of the class 10 chemistry a course in miracles, Learnflix has it all, giving students the best all in one app for the class 10 CBSE chemistry syllabus. Well, the CBSE Class 10 exam is one of the major defining milestones in a student’s life, bearing in mind this point, the content of the CBSE Class 10 Chemistry syllabus has been designed keeping these points in mind. Thus, in this one app it covers the concepts of chemical reactions and equations, acids, bases and salts, metals and non-metals, carbon and its compounds and periodic classification of elements, etc. All of which are imperative for students appearing for their board to know, in order for them to do well in their exams.

Over the past few decades, the influence of technology upon students and education and the learning process has been impacted, and seen a change that is immense. While there are a lot of applications available at the app store, choosing one like Learnflix is the best option for the student, as they understand their students the best, their attention span and factors that are important to the students. The process of learning, through Learnflix has been designed in such way that it engages with the student and gives them a chance to think and thus be able to absorb, apply and learn at the same time.

Experts say that apps in education can make children more interactive and activate better engagement between the students, also it has been learnt that students are able to learn better in a n environment they feel safe and comfortable in. Thus the most effective way is to engage with the students, whilst they are learning and when, that is whilst they are using the app; interaction between the students are enhanced by mobile applications.

Thoughts of traditional methods of learning accompany a generic feeling of boredom, whilst students prefer a change from the generic monotonous learning patterns of restricted and upright book learning, learning from Learnflix is like a breath of fresh air, as it is the place where Chemistry is broken down for the students in a way which is easy for them to understand, this and also the theoretical aspects of different Chemistry concepts are well integrated with the experiments based on them. This results in better comprehension as well as real life application of the concepts. In addition, different types of assessments, sample papers and other learning materials help students prepare well for the board’s exam.

The power of digital world lies in the ginormous number of resources that it is filled with, the assignments, sample papers and an array of facilities that help give a boost to the Students to do their very best, making optimum use of the vast amount of wealth of knowledge on this platform, which can be implicated by its popularity among Class 10 CBSE students. The reach of this platform makes it a favourite to students who are preparing for their 10th grade CBSE exams, as it is a one stop solution for them as it provides learning, as well as practice test for chemistry. Those who have made use of this app have been given access to, Chapter1 f chemistry, which covers Chemical Reactions and Equations, Chapter2, consisting of Acids, Bases and Salts, Chapter3, which touches on Metals and Non-metals, Chapter4, that’s based on Carbon and its Compounds Chapter5, which is the Periodic Classification of Elements. These are just the broad classifications of all the chapter, inside each section is a broken-down version of each chapter with added information.

Unlike school, online learning applications are available round the clock, with no need to be worried about schedules. Anywhere can be a classroom, your home, your car, a part, well it can be a classroom. App learning is not a time-bound learning experience, as it is relaxed learning, which modern research has called the best way to learn.

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