Why People Love Nicotine Salt In Vapes? Relx Pods

Nicotine salts or simply nic salts are the salts that compose Nicotine and acids. They are naturally found in tobacco leaves in the form of monoprotonated and diprotonated. Their usage has increasingly become vital in e-liquids. Opposing to what the name implies, nicotine salts do not make the vape juice salty. In the recent past, predominant popularity of nicotine salts in vape has been widely observed therefore you can easily buy nicotine salt Relx Pods in the UK.

The natural nicotine found in the tobacco leaves is present in the salt form which, is chemically altered to make freebase salt. A freebase salt is when nicotine is converted from its natural salt form to pure form. It increases the intensity of nicotine without increasing the dose of nicotine itself. Philip Morris first founded this method in the 1960s and it is since then the freebase is widely used in cigarettes.

Generally, the higher nicotine levels hit the throat but the nic salts offer vaping at a higher nicotine strength without a potential rough throat hit. The freebase nicotine makes it complex for the throat on high dose because its pH value is higher on the alkaline end. It means you will end up vaping less unless you can endure the rough throat hit. The advantages of nic salts that are hitching customers are:

The hit of nic salts is smoother than the freebase nicotine, therefore more people prefer it over the conventional nicotine flavours. They do not hit the throat harshly therefore make the vaping experience better. When the intensity of throat hit reduces the flavour of the e-liquid outstands. The concentration on the flavours gets lost with freebase nicotine. But vaping with nic salts aid the pleasure of experiencing the flavour.

MTL is the abbreviation of mouth to lung. It is a mode of smoking or vaping when you hold the vape in your mouth for some time and inhale it to your lungs. Direct to the lung is contrary to it when you inhale the vape right from the atomizer. So it is favourable for the MTL vapers who like to enjoy the pleasure of holding the vapour in their mouths. This is favourable because it won’t create an intense feeling in the throat.

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