What Is The Difference Between Offensive And Hazardous Waste?

The world of waste can be a tangled web of legislation, regulations and rules, which sometimes are difficult to understand and in which it is easy to get lost. In our 50 years of experience dealing with companies of any size and from a variety of different industries in the UK, we can say that a sizable percentage of lip tattoo perth doesn’t know the difference between Offensive and Hazardous waste.

Offensive Waste

Offensive waste is non-clinical waste which is non-infectious and doesn’t contain pharmaceutical or chemical substances, but may be unpleasant to anyone who comes into contact with it. The residual health risk of offensive waste is considered low when segregated properly.

Healthcare offensive waste, i.e. outer dressings and protective clothing like masks, gowns and gloves that aren’t contaminated with body fluids, and sterilised laboratory waste.

Offensive waste does not need to be transported as dangerous goods. This means collection and disposal of the waste is significantly cheaper than that of clinical or other hazardous waste. However, safe disposal of offensive waste is a critical and sensitive issue that requires attention in every working environment. There can be potential risks of infection and illness from cross-infection, if correct hygiene precautions are not taken.

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