Top Reasons Christian Rehab Works

who is jesus christ a unique way of approaching the problem of drug addiction. The Christian treatment approach offers faith and belief in the power of God. Unlike other approaches, a christian treatment method has spirituality as the primary focus of your treatment.

Many drug rehab programs try to treat addiction in an isolated manner rather than using a holistic approach. Christians often suffer from drug addiction because they see themselves failing in the eyes of God and their friends and family.

However the truth is that alcohol and drug addiction is a chronic and sometimes fatal disease. The causes of the disease are complex and include environmental issues, stress, and dealing with everyday problems. Often people will become addicted without noticing, for example becoming addicted to pain relieving medication or developing alcoholism after drinking as a way to relieve stress.

Once addicted to alcohol or drugs freeing yourself is difficult and will usually require more than pure willpower alone. Consistent alcohol or drug use makes chemical changes to the brain which can be hard to overcome. Understanding that addiction is not a matter of weakness is an important element in finding help through faith.

Different types of Christian Rehab

In inpatient Christian rehab you will reside full time in a monitored residence where you receive help with your addiction. At the facilities you receive medical supervision, counseling, drug education and a support community. You will be able to obtain sobriety in a structured and drug free environment.

Christian rehab centers range from basic to high facilities with swimming pools and gyms. In addition to these treatment programs there is also the important element of spiritual guidance. You will attend regular bible classes where you will receive spiritual instruction and motivation. You will also learn how to use the teachings of Jesus in order to live a Christian life to stay drug free.

A successful recovery also includes outpatient treatment. This is where you live in your own home but must attend treatment at a drug rehab center on a regular basis. With intense outpatient treatment you must meet 2 – 4 hours multiple times a week. If your problem is less severe than weekly visits to the outpatient center might be acceptable.

Depending on the severity of your addiction a 12 step program may be suggested. These are founded on the principle that in order to obtain sobriety you must put your faith in a higher power. Often a 12 step program will be part of the treatment offered at both inpatient and outpatient Christian rehab.

After Attending Christian Rehab

One of the best things about Christian rehab is that you will find that there is no shortage of support to help you maintain sobriety and avoid relapses. Finding this support is no harder than joining your local church and attending on a regular basis. There you will learn how to make Christianity a part of your everyday life to use your faith to stay drug free. People who use drugs and alcohol are often trying to fill a void in their life. Church and a spiritual life can help fill this void so that you no longer need to rely on drugs and alcohol.

In addition your Christian rehab, Church leaders and the Christian community can assist with other aspects of your recovery, such as finding suitable employment, housing or entering into a local 12 step program. When you are part of the Christian community and are open to seeking help you never have to worry about facing your addiction alone.

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