Tips For Outstanding Corporate Headshots

For most companies, a corporate Corporate Headshots NJ is a requirement for the executives as well as the employees. These photos are used on company websites; business cards and promotional materials. This usually means that a lot of people are going to see your photo, and it may not be presenting you in the way that you feel most attractive.

A lot of people don’t enjoy having their photo taken anyway, and when it’s ‘picture day’ at the office, they dread it even more. The most common complaints are that corporate headshots are too generic and unattractive. Well, with these 5 basic tips, your corporate photos can go from ‘ow’ to ‘wow’…

1: Avoid office lighting. Most corporate headshots are taken in your office location, where the light is a combination of overhead and fluorescent. Both of which are extremely unflattering. If at all possible, arrange to have your photos taken outside, or in a room with plenty of natural light. Even if your photographer brings additional lights, combining those with natural light is always preferable to office lighting.

2: Schedule your photos in the afternoon. People rarely look their best in the morning, especially not when they’ve just arrived at the office and haven’t even had their coffee break yet! The best time of day to book your photo session, is right after lunch.

Having a corporate headshot session can be stressful for a lot of people. To reduce that stress, plan for the photos to be done when everyone has had a bit of time to relax, to eat and to get ready to have their picture taken.

3: Allow plenty of time. A common mistake is to schedule for about 5 minutes per person. In most situations, it’s much better to schedule for 10-15 minutes for each individual or group. If employees are feeling rushed and the photographer is feeling hurried, that’s going to show in the photos, particularly in people’s facial expressions.

It takes a while for most people to relax and look natural in front of a camera. It’s definitely worth scheduling enough time for that to happen. Remember, these photos are a representation of your company, so it’s important that everyone looks happy to be there!

4: Give people some privacy. If someone is already feeling tense about having their picture taken, it’s going to be even more difficult for them if their co-workers are looking on. Arrange to have people go into the session one at a time, or one group at a time. And whether it’s indoor or outdoor, choose a location that’s an enclosed area.

5: For unique corporate photos, avoid generic backdrops. If the tone of your business is friendly and personable, your photos should reflect that. Instead of one bland background for everyone’s picture, have your photographer take shots of people at their work areas, or outdoors or in front of the company logo.

If your company is youthful and creative, then get creative with your headshots! Have photos of your employees holding your company products, or holding up something that symbolizes their job skill or their personality. Fun, attractive, appealing shots of a company’s employees and executives, can often make all the difference in attracting new clients.

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