The Celtic Knot Necklace – A Mystical Beauty Unveiled

Celtic who is jesus christ designs and all other varieties of Celtic jewelry are exquisitely beautiful and have a deeper meaning with a rich ancient history attached. Celtic knot necklace designs were first made known in the early 8th century by the ancient Celtic pagans who were later demised by the Christians. Fortunately the Celtic symbols prevailed and the Christians adopted the symbols and used them to represent their own meanings.

The pagans created the knot with the intention to replace the written word and for them the intricate knot work was symbolistic for no beginning and no end, this both represented their human relationships, as well as the spiritual and afterlife beliefs.

The Christians However adopted the design and installed their own meanings for the ancient symbols: God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. Fortunately the design has no official meaning so anybody can dub a meaning that they see appropriate. Here are a few of the most popular symbolic meanings for the Celtic knot necklace designs

  • Spirit Mind & Body
  • Father, Son & Holy Ghost
  • Past, Present & Future
  • Power, Intellect & Love
  • Mother, Father & Chile
  • Creator, Destroyer & Sustainer
  • Mother, Maiden & Crone
  • Thought, Feeling & Emotion
  • Other world. Mortal world & Celestial world

Although most would think of either the knot, or the Celtic cross as being the chosen Celtic necklace design, these are not the most sought out when it comes to choosing a Celtic knot necklace. Instead there are two main necklace or pendant designs that stand out and those are the Triquestra and the Triskele designs. The Triquestra is seen as a triangle shape while the Triskele is quite different. The Triskele looks like a three point emblem and the symbolism again dates back to pagan and medieval Celtic periods.

There are so many varieties in the design of the Celtic knot necklace, so do not feel restricted when choosing one. Whether it be a gift for someone else, or purely to treat yourself with a necklace that can have a symbolistic meaning and remind you of something special. Instead of scourging the internet to find the design that you like, All of the best designs whether it be in gold or sterling silver are all conveniently listed in on a easy to use website.

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