The 48 Laws of Power Through Spirituality

There are those of us that would like to succeed in life, but that do not want to do so at the expense of our morals and values. While others seek power through intimidation, fear, scape-goating and guilt, we choose to pursue success through the strength of our efforts, the quality of our work, the compassion for our staff, teammates, and management, and the support of our families. It is for you that the following has been written. Here are your 法学论文代写, which are morally, ethically and spiritually-based. These are “The 48 Laws of Power Through Spirituality.”

Law 1: Always be honest with yourself and others
In being honest with yourself, you know when you are doing your best and the areas you need to immediately improve. In being honest with others, and knowing when to best share that honesty, you develop a reputation in your company and industry as someone that deals in reality, and as someone that generates real results.

Law 3: Bring simplicity, patience and compassion to all that you do
These 3 keys are the simplest ways to bring a sense of peace, assertiveness, control and flow to every area of your life every single day.

Law 4: Bullet Proof Your Ego
When reaching for power, you will need tough skin. You will be a target for many who want to hurt your image to improve theirs. Also, when you have a bullet proof ego, you no longer have the need to prove yourself to others. You do what you do because you choose to do it.

Law 5: Let go of your E.G.O.
After you bullet proof it, it’s time to evolve and let it go. Ego is an acronym, meaning, “Edging God Out”. Invest you thoughts into yourself as a soul instead of an ego that requires constant validation through titles, material possessions and money. You’ll never be happy satisfying the ego. You will only find happiness when you recognize who you are as spiritual energy.

Law 6: Connect with Everyone
Spiritual people know that spiritual energy is everywhere, including within each and every one of us. Connect with the spiritual part of everyone and respect them at that level. You are them and they are you.

Law 7: Control what is under your control
Most people spend their time, attention and focus on that which they do not control. Make sure your house is in order before peeking into your neighbor’s yard!

Law 8: Create frames of reference rooted in abundance, opportunity, and positive intension
Everyday, we are surrounded by media, people and circumstances designed to keep us thinking about scarcity, victimization, and revenge. You can pull people into a more receptive frame through influence, however. In doings so, you create building partners that are invested in your success together.

Law 9: All emotions are based in love or fear
All thoughts are manifested in our physical bodies. Thought creates emotion. Thoughts based in fear tear down the body, mutate our cells, and lead us down a path of disease (dis-ease). Thoughts based in love build up the body, make us look and feel younger, and provide us clear vision for more of the same in the future. Which do you choose most of the time?

Law 12: Learn how to use brain
The 3 pounds of sponge like material between your ears is the greatest computer on earth, and it comes without an instruction manual. You have to learn how to program it in order to use it effectively. Learn about visualization, image streaming, mediation, photo reading, memory systems, systems of philosophy, the power of affirmations, and goal setting.

Law 13: Always have F.A.I.T.H.
Faith is an acronym, meaning “Facts Accepted In The Heart”. What are those facts? You are a spiritual being. You are loved unconditionally. There is nothing you can’t do. You are an individual expression of something greater than you can imagine, and thus you are greater than you can imagine yourself.

Law 14: Stop investing energy in F.E.A.R.
Fear is also an acronym, meaning “False Experiences Appearing Real”. It was once said that 95% of the life we live never happens. That 95% of experience happens in our minds only, as we think of every possible negative or unintended consequence we can generate. The remaining 5% is what actually happens in time and space. Rather than wasting your mental energy worrying about the things that may or may not happen, focus instead on what IS happening right now. Stop sacrificing your present worrying about things that 95% of the time won’t even occur.

Law 15: Get the right amounts of food, water, sleep and exercise
Common sense? Then why aren’t you doing it. Too busy? You’ll get more done in your day when you take care of these 4 essential areas of physical health. Don’t know how? Read, talk to people, search the internet and pick up a book or magazine. Plan to start next week? Next week never comes…start right here, right now. Commit. Commit to your own well being and then never look back.

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