Stationery Suppliers – Opportunities and Challenges

There have been some heated exchange between the Union human resource development minister and a few state governments over the implementation of the Right to Education (خريد دفتر مشق) scheme in India. The bone of contention is – the additional financial burden that the state governments have to cope with for the successful implementation of RTE. Although the centre is ready to provide financial assistance to the states, some are not willing to invest and work towards implementing the scheme.

The Act came into force few months back, but will it help improve the current educational situation in our country? We need to evaluate and should have serious debates on that. Nevertheless, what is heartening to see is the renewed focus on the importance of education which is no doubt a great tool to reduce disparity from the society.

The trend to implement the right to education is on the rise in many other developing countries as well. One of the beneficiaries of this trend apart from the underprivileged souls are the stationery suppliers across the globe. The emergence of new technologies had begun to have an adverse affect on the overall sales of the stationery suppliers however because of the strong focus on the education by governments across the globe, the stationery suppliers are back in business.

Schools, Colleges, and Offices play a vital role in maintaining a constant stream of demand for the stationery products across the year. The products in demand includes exercise books, spiral notebooks, composition books, refill pads, registers, college text books, spiral note books, master mind question banks, text books, Stencils & Accessories, Typewriter Ribbons, Correcting Fluids, Correction Pen, Stamp Pads & Ink, Geometry Boxes, Adhesives, Script Pen, Winner Pen, Grip Pen, Gel Pen, Computer Related Items etc.

Industry analysts forecast that the stationery industry may grow at 10-15 % p.a. is being seen as realistic. Internet is playing a big role in the growth of stationery industry by allowing the small to medium entrepreneurs to reach out to other countries by exporting and promoting their products online. B2B online promotion helps in reducing their overall cost of promotion, without compromising on quality thus helping them produce a good quality product at a competitive price.

Stationery industry is an important cog in the wheel of Indian economy as it offers employment, tax revenues and brings forex reserves. Stationery Suppliers are constantly on the look for new technologies to further improvise their products so to keep-up with the fierce pace of competition, specially from china. The major importers of Indian stationery products are countries like U.S.A., Australia, Canada, major African countries and Middle East.

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