Seasoning and Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware

What was once just a belgique cookware reviews oven, is now growing to include casserole dishes, sauce pans, saute pans, and other essential pieces of cookware. Enameled cookware is leading the trend with its luxurious colors and added food storage capabilities.

Cast iron cookware has been popular for a very long time because of its heat distribution and retention capabilities. Still a camp favorite for that overnight camping trip, new variations of cookware introduce colors and flexibility with enameled surfaces. Manufacturers are creating essential cookware pieces made of enameled cast iron with colors that fit any kitchen decor. Able to go from stove top or oven right to the kitchen table in fashionable style makes it as popular as ever. Some enameled surfaces, being non reactive with food, even allow for marinated food and food storage after it is cooked.

Traditional cast iron needs to be seasoned. Seasoning is a process of adding a quality oil to the inside of the cookware and baking it for an hour at 350 degrees. The seasoning process fills in the porous surface providing a naturally non stick surface. Enameled cast iron cookware does not need to be seasoned.

Always be sure to read the care and use instructions of your cookware. Most will recommend hand washing, even the enameled items that can be placed in an automatic dishwasher. Traditional pieces definitely need to be hand washed and dried immediately.

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