Satellite Radio Without Commercials

Technology has taken us to new heights not only in television,Satellite Radio Without Commercials Articles computers, but also in radio. We are no longer listening to the local stations in our cars, at home, or wherever we happen to be at the moment. Satellite radio has changed the way we are able to listen to music,, and news. The best part about satellite radio is the ability to listen wherever and whenever we wish to.

When radio was first introduced you had a receiver that would try and find the local station. As radio progressed we evolved from am to fm stations to what we have now. We still have am and fm, but there are always loud commercials, maybe ten different stations, and we lose signal for various reasons. The invention of satellite radio has eliminated these problems. With satellite radio the only commercials you hear are for the service provider like XM or Sirius.

They also advertise other stations that can be found on satellite radio. You will find that there are over a hundred satellite radio stations available in your car, at home, or even with small portable radios.

One drawback to satellite radio is the cost. You have to purchase the service from one of the companies as well as the radio. This can be an expensive proposition, but then you may feel it is worth it when you consider you have news channels, rock, country, new age, hip hop, oldies, comedy, and many more channels to choose from. You no longer have to wait for good music, news or something else to listen to during the half hour of commercials. Most of the satellite radio companies will have promotional deals when you are ready to up grade.

In fact you may find that purchasing two years of service from a company will get you a free or discounted radio. You might even find that if you purchase the satellite radio for your car you can get a discount on home or portable units. Satellite radio began as just a radio for your car. Now satellite television companies have picked up the radio so that you can have satellite radio on your television. They have also created portable radios so that you can go hiking, to the mall, and for walks with music at your side.

If you are looking for a satellite radio for you car chances are you will need to have at least one working cigarette lighter to plug the radio into. You will also have to find a safe place to attach the antenna to your car. The antenna will help you receive the transmission just like a normal radio, except that it is using a satellite to bounce of off rather than the local stations transmitter.

Satellite radio has become extremely popular due to the ease of use. The ability to go anywhere and still receive music is something the new and older generations like to have. It may have started as a small business, but now we are able to get what we want when we want it.

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