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What many men — and even fewer women — realize when they first start taking the idea of hotwifing and cuckolding as a serious possibility for them NBA news is they are subtly changing the dynamic of their relationship and setting themselves up for a true lifestyle change.

In other words, it goes far beyond just trying out a new sexual position or technique, because of the profound changes it has on both of them in terms of how they see their roles in their relationship.

While this sounds scary, it’s actually exciting and usually beneficial for both of them. For men in particular it typically means his fantasy becomes fully realized and in fact far exceeds his wildest expectations.

Because as a woman grows into the role she truly begins to understand her feminine power and how it affects her husband — and if the relationship is strong (as it must be be if you ever hope to make a success of hotwifing), this is going to be entirely to their mutual benefit.

Because the culmination of the hotwife lifestyle, where it truly becomes the ultimate hotwife lifestyle, is when a woman’s sexuality dominates and defines their marriage. In other words, their life together revolves around her need for sexual expression with other lovers.

She does of course involve her husband in this, and there is no reason for her not to be even more sexually active with him than she was before, but it also means a great deal of her emotional energy is invested in seeking, seducing and fucking other men.

The good news is she will typically fully involve her husband in this, too. For example, if she’s going out on a ‘date’ with her lover, she will get her husband to help her bathe and prepare. On her return she will get him to help her wash and then tease and torture him with the exquisite details of her liaison.

Or, she will, say, invite her lover to the marital home for the night, and her husband will be cast in the role of servant. It’s not to say he’s especially submissive or subservient, but his role is to assist and support her by cooking a meal, serving it, pouring wine and then clearing up afterwards, while she takes her lover upstairs to the marital bed.

Her husband might then join them and be permitted to watch, or may be banished to a spare room where he will be reduced to simply listening to the sounds of his wife and her lover having hot, passionate no-holds-barred sex in his bed.

Far from being cruel, the man enjoys this, and his wife is perfectly aware of it, so she will usually ‘play up’ to the occasion by being even dirtier and more vocal than she would otherwise.

Indeed, many women will often engage in many sexual activities with their lovers they won’t engage in with their husbands, especially when the husband is watching and will feel the fill emotional impact of this seeming ‘unfairness’. But in truth, he likes it and loves her for it, because the whole thing is one big turn on for him.

This is the ultimate hotwife lifestyle, and what most men with the fantasy secretly crave.

My wife, Josselyn, and I have been able to live the hotwife lifestyle [] for the past 7 years and apart from a few hiccoughs it’s been a lot of fun.

And now we’d like to share our knowledge and experience so you don’t have to make the mistakes we made – because we’ve made them for you!

So, to learn more about hotwifing and copy my simple step-by-step Blueprint for turning your wife into a Hotwife, just visit my blog now and claim your FREE Hotwife Guide… and discover the truth about the Hotwife Lifestyle and how it can breathe fresh air into your marriage.

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