Plastic Surgery Thailand: Turning Pain Into Pleasure

it’s so much easier slot thailand to listen to reports which may or may not be true rather than finding out for yourself. The sad truth is, many people will avoid Thailand on the basis of what they see in the news or more bizarrely, on the big screen. They associate it with crime, (rate of crime in Bangkok actually down 20% in a year) illiteracy (Thailand’s rate of third level students is rising towards that of Western nations) and low grade healthcare (Thailand was ranked just 10 places behind the United States in 2000 and has improved since.

Of course, those who actually have plastic surgery Thailand associate it with a host of other things. First and foremost, they link Thailand with safe and inexpensive surgery that could save them thousands of dollars. To be honest, it’s other medical tourist nations that give Thailand a bad name. There are countries that perform unsafe procedures with surgeons lacking the necessary tools, supporting staff lacking the necessary qualifications and clinics devoid of adequate hygiene measures. This is why people take ill and suffer from botched surgeries. Plastic surgery in Thailand is so popular because none of the above problems ever happen.

Did you know that clinics in Thailand are often superior to those found in the United States or United Kingdom? Are you aware of the fact that you’re treated like a guest instead of a number? One regular comment from those who have plastic surgery Thailand is that they felt they were in a hotel instead of a clinic such was their level of comfort. With all staff speaking fluent English, clean and sanitary rooms and the courteous nature of all who work there, the hotel comparison is a valid one. Surgeons in Thailand train overseas for years before plying their trade at home. They also have access to the finest tools in the world to help them along the way.

Possibly the best thing about plastic surgery Thailand is your ability to turn a cosmetic procedure into a fully fledged holiday. With four and five star hotels on offer at affordable prices, beach resorts galore and sightseeing trips you don’t want to miss, Thailand really is the closest thing to paradise for those looking for plastic surgery. It will only take a few days to recover (at most) so be sure to book at least a week in Thailand to experience at least some of what it has to offer.

If you don’t want to have plastic surgery in Thailand alone, bring a friend. While you spend a day or two recovering, (if necessary) your friend can enjoy a quiet day or two exploring the wonders of Thailand. Once you recover, join them and turn a potentially life-changing procedure into a holiday of a lifetime. You’ll be in good company with more than 16 million tourists visiting Thailand per year, almost 10% of whom are there for cosmetic surgery.

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