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What organizing tips can you incorporate into your life so you will leisuretriptips While technology may complement certain aspects of life and work, it doesn’t automatically promote a more balanced life or foster in-depth relationships. You will find that neither material goods in general or technology have brought families closer together.

Let’s examine ways you can organize your life to create leisure time to cultivate those relationships that are important to you.

One of the best ways to create leisure time is to withdraw from technology on a regular basis to keep your life in perspective. Many people in our culture are fixated in front of their television screens and computer screens. This can affect their level of fitness and health in general as well as being a deterrent to maintaining balance in their lives. This also includes distractions such as cell phones, instant messaging and email notification.

However, you can put technology to work for you to save time. This is especially true if you work from a home office. Let your phone answering mechanism do its job! If your workday ends at 5 p.m., let voice messaging pick up messages at that time. Using caller ID also helps to screen out all but the most essential calls during the hours you are not officially working.

Examine your life by looking at your commitments and self-imposed obligations. Select three or four things that are important and essential to you and eliminate the rest over a period of time. This will help you focus on your priorities and give you flexible time to use at your discretion. Use this organizing tip on a regular basis to keep your life in balance.

The amount and quality of leisure in your life may be one telling indication of how organized you are. It is important to get the quality leisure you need to keep your life in balance. What is your idea of “leisure time”? What makes you feel “rejuvenated”? These are questions to ask yourself and then add those activities or quiet time into your life to make it more balanced.

While some people like to multitask others are better off focusing on one task at a time. They are more effective and productive than bouncing back and forth from one task to another. Give that one task your undivided attention, and you will complete it in record time! Then it is on to the next task! You will be amazed at how much you will accomplish and still have time left over for leisure pursuits.

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