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Your goal with course selection is developing the universe of online subjects and courses you need to take. You should develop a list of every a course in miracles bookstore online program or course you need to take to meet your goals from your self-assessment. In addition, you should be developing a list of all the required skills you need to obtain to meet your objectives as well.

Required skills are those skills that are specifically apply to achieving your goals. For example, to start your own business you may need accounting skills, web development skills, marketing and so on. Required skills are the skills that give you the knowledge required to start attacking your long term goals. Basic and intermediate courses in marketing do not give you the expert knowledge in an advertising or marketing business.

For example, an art business may also require specific skills in Art History, Evaluating Art, and/or Art Valuation. A Consulting business requires expertise in the area you are going to consult in. For example, a web design consultant needs skills in HTML, PHP, Graphic Design, Database Management etc. Be sure to be as thorough as possible in your course selection as it will better help you in the long run.

Your course listing must include all the basic skills you need to develop as identified in your self-assessment and all required skills needed to achieve your ultimate goal. With your course selection list, you now need to organize your selections in to a logical progression or a curriculum  which I will discuss in my next series of articles generically and specifically by subject.

Want to create a dynamic elearning course with an appeal to many different kinds of learners? Nurture the fun factor. The more exciting and interactive online education, the wider and more powerful its appeal. How can you go about bringing your learning content to life using an LMS system?

According to one survey, 97% of all teenagers age 12 to 17 play video games of some sort, whether it’s on a console, a computer, or a cell phone. And a recent AOL Games and the Association Press poll suggests that 38% of adults play computer or video games in some capacity.

But adult gaming shouldn’t necessarily be viewed in a negative light. The generation of men and women in their 30’s grew up in the video game boom, and since then the industry has evolved with them. Grown adults aren’t playing Pong anymore on their Ataris.

Today’s games are much more sophisticated and involved, and require thought, strategy, and decision making. They’re more like interactive movies than just games. They’re educational. They involve levels, points, and rewards. I think courseware system developers could learn something from the gaming industry.
Now you have completed you have developed short and long term goals, and you know what basic skills you need to develop. Now you are in a good position to select the online courses you want to take. Remember online course selection is only a beginning as setting up a curriculum or order of courses is important as well.

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