Nonstick Frying Pan – Are These Pans Pricey?

Considering all the frustration and hard work it takes to clean up those after dinner, not to mention the wear and tear on your poor hands, you have probably thought about purchasing a nonstick frying pan. But, how much do they cost? You may not be willing to shell out an entire paycheck on one pan; — I don’t blame you! Other than price, another thing you should be looking at is quality. Nonstick frying pans are available in a wide range of quality levels. So, let’s investigate further, “Are these pans pricey or cost effective?”

The different metals and the type of lamination has a lot to do with quality, but when you’re talking about a nonstick frying pan the thickness of the nonstick coating will make a lot of difference. Did you know that these pans come with anywhere from 1 to 8 layers of nonstick material? If you were like me you just thought it was either there or it wasn’t.

I had never thought about the fact that there was a huge difference in nonstick coating levels. Research shows that 1 layer may be fine for occasional use but if you are going to be cooking regularly I would suggest something with 3 to 5 layers. Of course, if you are a master chef then, by all means, get the 8 layer pan!

With most folks, price is always going to be the final decision maker. You know you are not going to get a decent nonstick frying pan for 5 or 10 bucks; these pans are priced anywhere from 20 to 120 dollars. I don’t recommend the 20 dollar pan, nor do I suggest the 120 dollar pan. Somewhere in between is probably going to fit your budget and get you a pan that will be a pleasure to use for years. Do remember this though; you really will come out better in the long run by investing a few extra bucks in your cookware. Just make sure you read all the details describing the way the pan is made and pay special attention to the number of layers of nonstick material.

So, having said all that, when you consider the extra pleasure a nonstick frying pan can bring to the time you spend preparing a meal and the ease of cleanup afterward, these pans really are quite cost effective. And, the higher the quality, the greater the pleasure! Who wants to have dish-pan hands with all that scrubbing when it can be so easily avoided?

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