Nightclubs and Nightlife in Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada, has a busy 다낭 밤문화. Nightclubs and nightlife form an important part of a tourist’s itinerary in Canada. So much so that tour operators offer special packages for visitors keen on savoring the local party and bar scene. Travel to Canada is never complete without enjoying what the nightclubs and nightlife in Montreal have in store.

You must visit one of the numerous supper clubs in Montreal. These clubs offer relaxed ambience and unlimited fine dining options. Patronized by the young and the not-so-young, executives and celebrities, travelers as well as residents, these supper clubs are part watering holes, part party joints, and part celebrity-spotting zones. Places such as the Globe, MED Bar, and Buona Notte are the more well-known supper clubs in the city. Try to get on the guest-list of some favored patron or even organizer here, or you will find yourself standing in long queues for entry.

The smaller dance clubs, with their eclectic music, talented DJs, and a motley crowd of regulars and newbies, are popular for their nighttime as well as daytime entertainment. The Circus and Red Lite are known for their hip-hop music and women who dance with a carefree attitude. These clubs attract a younger clientele. Older people are also welcome!

The nightclubs of Saint Laurent, Ste Catherine, and Crescent, and the bars at Latin Quarter are nightlife staples in Canada’s second largest city. Electric Avenue on Crescent attracts older people and couples, and is chiefly known for playing dance tracks from the 1980s.

If variety is what you crave for, then the Tokyo Bar is the right choice for you. This nightclub offers a mix of music from different genres, combining hip hop and R&B with retro songs, and trance with techno to cater to every taste. The Modavie is an all night restaurant that combines Mediterranean cuisine with jazz music for a truly memorable dining experience.

If theaters and live performances are more to your tastes, then the Metropolis on Ste Catherine is the place to head to, for some after-dinner entertainment. This 120-year-old establishment has changed identities many times and was once a venue for adult entertainment. Today, the shows are much more innocuous and include acts by mainstream musicians such as Coldplay and David Bowie.

No roundup of Montreal’s nightclubs and nightlife is complete without a mention of the bars in the city. Winnies is an old fashioned watering hole designed on the lines of an English pub, while the Au Diable Vert has a less innocent, saucier ambience.

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