Metal Bending Machines – Then and Now

busbar bending machine is as old as the first time man discovered that metal can be used as a property to produce numerous things of daily use. But since metal is quite hard, it is required by several bending companies to employ ways which could bend metal to the required specification. However, before technology had spread its arms into the different operational fields present in today’s era, people generally used manual bending machines to achieve their task.

The manual metal bending done earlier uses many of the same methods that are still being used today. The industries could be using them for more precision or because some machines still cannot achieve the same results as manual machines can do for them.

The difference between the bending techniques and machines of old times and now is mainly that the modern machines are electrically, mechanically or hydraulically fueled to make it more convenient for the operators.

Some modern metal bending machines that are used in the industries today are controlled through computers; which mean that the entire task could be fed into them. This method is convenient when large amounts of metal needs to bent on the same specifications. But it is not so helpful when orders with different specifications are required.

Manual bending machines can still be found today; in fact many D.I.Y enthusiasts keep such apparatus in their home. You can find one odd metal bending machine snuggled up somewhere in their garage. It is a good investment; it can help out the owner a lot at times. Many of the home plumbing and pipe fitting jobs require a tube or any other piece of metal to be bent. It helps a lot if a simple but effective manual metal bending machine is at home. There will be no need of calling a plumber or a pipe fitter every time a small problem arises.

The manual bending machines that are used for light jobs usually have die sets. The metal is clasped to a clamp and then bent against the die which gives it the shape. So as the metal is pushed in the machine, the shape is formed.

In industries, however, there are many complex methods which are used for bending metal. Some of the well-known bending techniques are listed below for clarity. Using any of these is effective and efficient:

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