How To Write A Book – A Writers Guide

Maybe you’ve thought about starting a book, but you’re left wondering exactly how to write a book. Perhaps you have an acim authors – that’s a good start. However, if you really want to write a book of your own, you need a good guide that will help you ensure it gets done and you aren’t working on the same book 10 years from now.

Of course, commitment is one of the first essentials that you’ll need. With commitment on your side, you have a great shot at becoming the next published author. Here is a simple writer’s guide to follow that will help you go through the process of writing a good book.

Know the Subject

If you want to know how to write a book, the first step is to know the subject you’ll be writing on. Go with a subject you enjoy or one that you have a lot of expertise in. Just remember, no matter the subject, you need to ensure there is a demand for that information.

Decide on the Audience

Now it’s time to decide on the audience for your book. Ask yourself what the age of the children will be who are reading your work. Will this age require illustrations? You want a book that will fill a specific need. Once you know the audience, you can make sure your book caters to that audience.

Write a Short Summary

Next, write a short summary of the book. With just 1-4 sentences, summarize the entire book. This will take a bit of thinking on your part, which will help you to begin to craft the book in your mind. This summary can become your mission statement for the book to keep you focused as you write and make sure you stay on task and on subject.

Choose the Title for the Book

The next step to take if you’re wondering how to write a book is to choose the title for the book. You need a title that is focused and compelling. A good title will make it easier for you to write the book and will keep you focused on the direction you’re going in while you are writing.

Write Summaries for Every Character

Write down all of the characters you plan on using within your book. Then, write summaries for every character. Start out with a paragraph for each one and then build up to an entire page for each character if you are writing a longer book. The better you know the characters, the better your book will read.

Develop a List of Scenes

Another great idea to help you write a book is to develop a list of scenes. List all the scenes that are needed to turn your idea into a book. You can write this down on paper or you can put the list into a spreadsheet. Then you can use this list of scenes to guide you as you begin the writing process.

Start Writing

Now you’re actually ready to begin writing. All of the previous steps will help you in the writing process. You’ll have your summary, title, character summaries, and list of scenes to help you as you are doing the actual writing. Create specific times to write to ensure that you write every day if at all possible.

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