Getting started in a course in miracles collecting and online book selling is a matter of knowing your book’s worth. You have to be able to distinguish the variables that will greatly affect the value of your book.

Prior to the Internet, book values were very difficult to set. Appraising the value of a book used to be a knowledge acquired through years of experience. Today book values are easily researchable online. You can even compare prices with established online and brick-and-mortar bookstores to put a reasonable price tag on your rare items. There are websites that provide information on the availability and pricing of valuable books.

Several factors must be considered if you are planning to sell used book online. What more if you plan to sell rare and collectible books? Here are a few considerations you need to make when pricing:

Condition. Whether the book has its original dust jacket with no missing pages matter to book collectors who are searching for rare books. A book is considered in excellent condition if it is close in appearance as to the day it was printed, with no rip or dirty pages and has intact binding.

Scarcity. The scarcity of the book oftentimes dictates its value in the market. A rare book is one which is seldom encountered and only available in very small numbers.

Demand. The demand for a particular genre also contributes to a book’s worth. But of course it can also depend on how large and educated your customer base can be. For example, a book about war is quite rare and low in demand but you still have to consider that customer who might find your military titles interesting.

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