DevOps-Bridge between operations and development

Identifying the problems: In this phase of SDLC sms gateway development life cycle) inputs are gathered from stakeholders, customers, industry experts and some programmers. By these inputs, we can know the positives and negatives of the current system, and we can obtain a goal for developing the software.

Planning: After fixing the goal, we should develop the best plan to achieve that goal. In this phase, the team will gather the requirements and determines the budget of the software product. It also identifies the risks involved and provides the steps to be taken for reducing those risks. For all these activities, a document known as SRS(Software Requirement Specification) is created.

Designing: In this phase, software requirements are converted into a design plan. All the stakeholders who are involved in software development will review the design, and they will give their inputs if necessary. It is essential to gather the inputs from stakeholders regarding the design plan, because failure at this stage may lead to the collapse of the entire project.

Developing: In this phase of SDLC, the software is developed by generating the required code. After the successful generation of code, an executable file comes as an output from this phase

Testing: After developing the software, it is tested to fix the error or bugs present in that software. Software is tested until it meets the required quality measures. Deployment: After testing the software, it is deployed to limited users.Depending on the feedback from that user’s adjustments are done.

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