A great book cover helps a course in miracles authors. It can make people understand what your book is all about and what is in there for them. Book lovers spend hours in a book store to find the right book. They do not just look for content but also get attracted by the cover design of a book.

The book overlay is like the summary of a book. The elements of the book cover design depict what the reader can expect. For example, a graveyard picture and a bloody font will inform the readers that it is a horror novel. The point of engagement is the key for the book cover designer. If the designer misses to add the engaging elements in a overlay, the reader will not buy the book.

Here are some points you can follow to design a great book cover:

The Title:

The title of a book should be large enough so that it is properly visible. A significant, clear title is the first point of engagement. A dull or relatively small title might distract the buyer. It has to be bold and attractive. The title size can vary if the title is too long and requires more space. Dividing the title into small and large fonts will help you keep the title understandable.

The Font:

Always use sober fonts. A sanguine and serious typeface will grab the attention. It is one of the essential elements of the book cover design as it defines the overall mood of the overlay. You should try out a variety of fonts before finding what works best. For a uniform appearance, do not use more than two fonts. Furthermore, abstain from using humorist or pictorial fonts, unless the script is based on comedy.

The Color:

Never use brassy or cheap color combination. The reader might feel nauseated by the odd look of your book if the right colors are not used. Contrast is really important because it highlights the overall presentation of a cover. In this context, always remember that font and background colors should not be of the same color. Moreover, if you are using a photo then the font color should complement the picture.

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