A Comprehensive Logitech G15 60 mechanical keyboard Guide

The Logitech G15 60 mechanical keyboard was created with video gaming in mind. It falls under the “gaming keyboard” category. There are many nice features of this 60 mechanical keyboard; the features and reviews are discussed as well as any major downfalls of the unit.

This keyboard was originally sold to the public around 2007; however, it still remains popular with the gaming community today. As a higher end model, the G15’s Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, or MSRP, is well over $100.00. At first glance, it looks almost like any other full size 60 mechanical keyboard; however, there are many other features that set this keyboard apart.

The G15 boasts a “game panel” LCD screen on the keyboard; this feature is only on Logitech products. By using this feature a gamer can see what other friends are doing on the game Battlefield 2142. World of Warcraft notifications are also available on this keyboard. There are six different macro keys; each key has three modes. Overall, essentially, there are eighteen different macro keys. Once these keys are programmed and changed rapidly during game play. The keys are backlit with an orange hue making it easy to use in little to no light.

Logitech has a long history of making solid and dependable products. The G15 gaming 60 mechanical keyboard is no exception. This keyboard is popular for many reasons from the company’s reliability to backlit keys. The reviews for the most part sing the praises of this keyboard. It earns a solid four out of five star ratings from consumers who own the product. The macro key’s ease of use and the backlit keys are two of the most popular features. A heavy product that feels like it is durable also is a popular selling point.

The major competitor to Logitech is Microsoft. Microsoft offers many similar models to Logitech at just around the same price. Many keyboards even get about the same reviews. However, Logitech keyboards are just slightly different. For example, Logitech gaming keyboards typically have more macro keys than the Microsoft equivalent.

Portability – Apart from stand-alone types, iPad keyboards require superb usability trade-offs. If the keyboard is thin, so as the case also, however the feel of the keys is undesirable. When the keyboard is smaller, it is more portable, however, its keys are more crowded, or perhaps the more you will discover that the keys are inappropriate in size or maybe it is in the wrong spots.

Nevertheless, stand-alone keyboards, are usually larger, additionally they are not as all-in-one handy; nonetheless they primarily feature standard key size as well as the feel, a typical key layout, plus a typing experience which is very similar to that of a desktop keyboard.

You will have to select which trade-offs you are prepared to come up with because of portability, most definitely if you are a touch typist and pay attention to these trade-offs while you shop. Hands on test actually are very important, if you’re able to obtain one; if not, make sure that the local store or online site you are buying from comes with a good return policy.

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